The Weekly Minute Dec 06 2010

Hiring at JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, NCUA and Ally Financial

By julie steinberg

Tip: JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank to Hire for Wealth Management

In order to compensate for potential losses in i-banking profits due to the new Group of 20 rules, firms are increasing wealth management activity. JPMorgan will grow its wealth management teams in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by as much as 20% a year until 2013. Deutsche Bank plans to build out its wealth management staff in Asia.

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Tip: NCUA Focuses on Examiner Hiring

If you want to work for the government in financial regulation, check out the National Credit Union Administration. It's looking to fill 60 examiner positions, some before May 2011. The job requires a bachelor's degree and some experience in financial institutions. There will be an intense two-year job training to ensure examiners know what they're doing.

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Tip: Overhauled Ally Financial Revs Up Hiring

The lender formerly known as GMAC is looking to build out its auto finance and online banking units in advance of a possible IPO next year. It cut 17% of its workforce in 2009, but is slowly adding to it units in order to be competitive once more. Recent job postings included risk management and financial analyst positions.

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Tip: Foundation Financial Group Hiring for Two Centers

Though many of its peers are floundering in the mortgage space, Foundation Financial Group is looking to bring on between 40 and 50 sales professionals and loan officers for its new Charlotte, NC, center. It will also bring on 50 for its Rochester, NY, operations center in 2011. Most of the company's immediate hiring will be focused in Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta.

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