Morning Coffee Feb 21 2010

Bloomberg Maneuvering for a Presidential Run?

By julie steinberg

Even when New York mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't enacting various policy proposals, he's still making news.

He's decided to move his fortune out of the hands of PE shop Quadrangle Group, which was founded by his friend (and short-lived car czar) Steven Rattner, and into a new investment firm that will be focused on him alone. He's transferring about $5 billion away into the new fund, but about a dozen of Quadrangle's employees will go with the cash.

Quadrangle has been at the center of attention since the SEC and N.Y. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo singled out the firm for alleged pay-to-play action. No charges have been leveled at either Rattner (who has since left Quadrangle) or the firm, the firm remains under investigation.

Analysts speculate that Bloomberg's decision to move his billions might point to a 2012 presidential run. (NYT)

Negotiating Up (FINS)
Whether you're getting a severance package or a new salary at another company, you'll need to know how to negotiate for the best numbers.

It's the Economy, Stupid (MarketWatch)
The U.S. economy is on its way back. But how durable and long-lasting will the recovery be? MarketWatch gives you the three sectors to watch and a breakdown of how it might all shake out.

Another One to the List (DealBook)
Steve Cohen's ex-wife isn't the only one accusing SAC Capital Advisors of insider trading. A Brooklyn rabbi reportedly tried to extort the firm for millions by claiming he had damning information about SAC's insider trading. Maybe the two can meet for dinner some time.

Connections Matter (WSJ)
The majority of jobs in 2009 were filled by existing employees and referrals, a new study shows. Moral of the story? It's easier to get hired from the inside.

More Death and Taxes (FINS)
Apparently, a decades-long grudge led to Joe Stack's suicide attack on the IRS. That and more about hating on the taxman.

Banker Betrayal? (Reuters)
JPMorgan and Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, have a lot of explaining to do, but the story hasn't yet hit the pages of the New York Times, which has sold a stake to Slim. Felix Salmon is happy to oblige.

Inequality Reigns (WSJ)
Women M.B.A.s aren't receiving the same promotions and pay as their male counterparts, despite similar levels of education.

BofA Real Estate (WSJ)
Want to live like Ken Lewis? The ex-CEO just put his house in Charlotte up for sale. But don't worry, he's not going too far: He and his wife have purchased another home in the city.

Portrait of a Federal Reserve Chairman (WSJ)
The people who have collected portraits of Alan Greenspan over the years are (justifiably) at a loss about where to put them. Apparently, few are interested in seeing Greenspan's face on a daily basis.

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